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Ezycoat ECA Render

The changing face and advancements in building material technology has made it necessary for bagged render systems to become more versatile and easy to use, and more compatible to the new building systems entering the building industry. This new generation of advanced skim renders such as Ezycoat ECA Render will provide applicators with this flexibility.

ECA Render is a high quality pre-mixed Render designed for a thin section cement rendering. It consists of finely graded quartz sand with the addition of the latest in polymer additives in conjunction with Portland cement conforming to AS 3972. The addition of higher concentration of polymer and stabilised powders enhance performance and improve adhesion, flexibility and application, whilst providing water repellent properties.

With only the addition of water, ECA Render will provide you with a render system that is very versatile and easy to use on a wide variety of Light Weight Panel Systems now available on the market.

Ezycoat ECA Render

A polymer modified render that only requires the addition of water to produce a render with excellent adhesion & tensile properties. Suitable for application to Clay Brick, Concrete Block, Polystyrene Cladding, Koolwall Panel * Refer to Technical Data Sheets (TDS). or Ezyspec for application procedures and Requires the addition of water only.


Ezycoat ECA is an easy to use single step skim render, which is suitable for leveling a range of masonry building products.(refer to Ezy BuildSpecs for the relevant building system). It will allow for the sequential application of Ezycoat architectural coatings. (See relevant Technical Data Sheets on these products for additional information.) If this type of finish is not desired, then finishing Ezycoat ECA with a sponge float will produce a render like finish quite easily, ready for the subsequent paint application.

Before commencing application, ensure that the intended applied surface is free of any contaminants which may affect the performance of the render e.g. silicone coatings, curing oils and/or existing paint. Should this be the case then our office must be contacted for further advice on assessing the suitability of the surfaces to be coated. Ezycoat ECA Render must not be applied to fiber cement and/or existing painted surfaces. All surfaces must be structurally sound prior to the application of Ezycoat ECA Render. A visual inspection will need to be carried out prior to application to access the suitability of the surface and method of application.

Ezycoat ECA should be applied at no less than 2.5mm in thickness, however not exceeding 5mm in any one application and must be applied in accordance to EzyBuild Specs for the relevant product to which it is being applied to.

In the case of EPS cladding Ezycoat ECA should be applied in conjunction with a minimum 160GSM Alkali Resistant reinforcing mesh and an Ezy coat trowelable full acrylic texture finish ( refer to Ezy BuildSpecs for application of Ezycoat ECA render to EPS cladding).

Consumption: 2 to 5 sqm per 20 kg Bag. Based on 5mm to 2mm coating thickness

Consumption will vary depending on surface type.

Density: Approx. 1500kg/Cu.m

BagSize: 20 Kg.

Classification: non-Hazardous goods

Colours: Natural

Important Notes: Do not apply in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius or 24 hrs prior to or after wet & rainy conditions. Do not apply in moist conditions. All walls must be free of moisture prior to application with a WME of no more than 15%. All surfaces should be cleaned and free of any contaminant, releasing agent, fungal growth which may affect the performance of these coatings. Any imperfections which may become visible in the finished surface should be patched and leveled with Ezycoat Patching compounds. Any structural imperfections and/or cracks will need to stabilised prior to any further applications. The durability of the product in its original confection is guaranteed for 8 months as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures below 6 degrees. Ezycoat ECA Render is not suitable for use in areas prone to water logging, submersion, continually damp and/or below ground. Walls were Ezycoat ECA Render is to be applied must be free draining. In the case of retaining walls the rear of the wall must be engineered to prevent any penetration of moisture or water through the wall in to the rear of the Ezycoat ECA Render. Failure to do so will result in damage to the Ezycoat ECA Render and is not covered by warranty. Excess Waste product should be disposed of in responsible manner following guidelines as set out by the local council’s bi-laws and Waste Disposal Procedures. For further safety Data refer to Ezycoat MSDS for this product available from our offices & website

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