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M-TEX Coatings

Our M-TEX range of renders, primers and coatings has been specially formulated to deliver a tough, durable exterior finish suited to Australian conditions. The range of architectural finishes are available in a variety of grades and styles that will create a modern design aesthetic.

M-TEX GP now accredited as non-combustible renders*

M-TEX lleads the way with premium basecoats - the unique formulations provide the best adhesion, the best quality and the best performance - and now, with the accreditation of M-TEX GP and FR as a non combustible renders, we have delivered the best base coats on the market.

M-TEX GP Cream Render, a masonry general purpose cement render modified for adhesion and new creamy formula for preference of application.

*Warrington Fire - global NATA accredited testing lab Tests performed in accordance with the requirements of AS 1530.1:1994(R2016) M-TEX "is not deemed combustible according to the test criteria for combustibility specified in clause 3.4 of AS 1530.1:1994(R2016).”

PRO Render

M-TEX Pro Render is a high polymer modified cementitious render for application to Polystyrene (eps) panels and meshed reinforced lightweight systems.

High Build Render

M-TEX High Build Render is a masonry basecoat render, blended with ground eps beads for increased volume in a lighter weight format, used where thicker render build up is required.

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