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Polystyrene Wall Cladding

X-Series features our uncoated, M-Grade polystyrene panel. It is an external lightweight, reinforced, insulating polystyrene wall system, mechanically fixed to the outer face of the building whether that be timber or steel framing or a masonry substrate. The complete system includes the application of approved acrylic render systems, frame wraps, trims, sealants and opening flashings at openings that combine to create a weather-tight building envelope.

X-Series uncoated panels provide renderers installation flexibility, powered by Masterwall’s innovation and technology and includes Uncoated Panels, Codemark accredited, Fully engineered for Direct-to-Frame or Batten Fixed, Latest M Grade polystyrene, Up to BAL 29 protection from bushfires and Integrated air, moisture and drainage control.

X-Series panel is a Medium (M) Grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel that provides a rigid and thermally stable substrate for the render system to be applied to the face, ensuring high crack resistance and longevity in its performance to the decorative coatings that are applied to it. EPS (and the combination of EPS and acrylic render) has a 60-year history of use in Europe and North America. X-Series complies as a Performance Solution with the NCC 2019, BCA Volumes 1 & 2.

X-Series polystyrene panel is appropriate for use on timber and steel-framed residential and commercial buildings. The lightweight panels are convenient to install and add minimum weight to the structure. The product’s thermal insulation properties contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. The ability to accept a range of approved acrylic render and decorative finishes allows a variety of aesthetic styles to be achieved, including traditional, heritage and modern. The large panels are speedily installed, providing early enclosure and weatherproofing – assisting the achievement of early lock-up stage.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL A-29)

The X-Series system achieves BAL A-29 when installed in accordance with this manual, including the M-TEX render system by Masterwall. Only the M-TEX render system is certified to BAL A-29, and each of the specific products must be used. For M-TEX system brief, refer to page 16 ‘Render’ and consult Masterwall for spec and data sheets.

Impact Resistance

Also the X-Series panels offer similar resistance to impact and damage as other common non-metallic sheet materials. In addition to this feature, the panels will not shatter or fracture beyond the area of impact. Minor damage will be partly corrected by the self-recovery properties of the EPS.

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